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  • Internet Based Remote UPS Monitoring & Management via LAN, WAN, Internet, PDA or WAP mobile phone 

  • Compatible with all Falcon SG, SSG and FN Series TM UPS Models 

  • Installs in Minutes Inside the Falcon UPS * 10/100 Ethernet Connectivity 

  • Communicate via HTTP, SNMP and Telnet 

  • Automatic Notifications via Email or IP Trap Addresses. 

  • Full Event & History Logging 

  • SNMP v3 Compliance & Multi-Level & User Security 

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Compliant 

  • RFC1628 & USHA MIBs Supplied For Windows® & UNIX 

  • Remote Shutdown Client Software Provided with Unlimited License 

  • Compatible with Network Management Software (NMS) 

  • Optional Remote Monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, Alarm Contacts, Smoke, Vibration & Water Leak Detection * CE & FCC Compliant

Easily Installs Into Most Falcon Electric UPS Systems and Voltage Regulators
Falcon Electric’s internal USHA SNMP/HTTP agent facilitates remote UPS monitoring and management over any Ethernet LAN, Enterprise Network or the Internet. Simply install the agent board into the communications option slot of a Falcon SG, SSG or FN Series UPS and connect it to any Ethernet LAN. If a DHCP server is present, an IP address will automatically be assigned and you are ready to go. A static IP address may also be assigned to the agent. Enter the agent’s IP address into any network connected web browser and the USHA’s internal remote monitoring management website is displayed. 

USHA, The Secure World-Wide Remote UPS Management Solution 
The USHA agent provides the convenience and cost benefits of centralized remote UPS management. Whether your company has ten Falcon UPS units or ten thousand, they can all easily be managed and monitored from a single location on a single workstation. In addition to the HTTP web interface, the USHA supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), allowing the use of any Network Management Software (NMS) with the installation of the supplied RFC1628 compliant MIB software. The latest SNMP v3 level security has been incorporated. Both IPv4 and IPv6 IP addressing and security are also supported. Your central workstation can be automatically notified of remote site power outages and events by listing management workstation’s IP trap addresses or by email. 

Safely Shut Down Multiple Servers or Workstations 
Shutdown client software is supplied that allows for the orderly remote shutdown of multiple servers or workstations over your network. Just install the client software, set the shutdown delay time and enter the IP address of the controlling UPS’s USHA agent. Shutdown client software is provided for the following operating systems: : 

  • Windows ® 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003, Vista, Windows ® 7 & Server 2008 
  • SCO (OpenServer ® & UnixWare ® ) 
  • Linux 
  • Novell NetWare ® 
  • Sun Solaris ® (SPARC and X86) 
  • HP UX ®
  • SCO ® UNIX 
  • FreeBSD 

All shutdown client software is shipped with the USHA agent board and may be installed on as many servers and workstations as desired without any additional licensing costs. 

Event & History Data Logging 
The USHA agent board stores power event and other important data in the following logs: 

  • UPS History Log 
  • UPS Extended Log 
  • UPS Event Log 
  • USHA Event Log 

Unattended Event Scheduling 
The USHA agent board supports the following programmed scheduling: 

  • UPS Battery Test Scheduling 
  • Weekly UPS Shutdown & Restore Events 
  • Special Day UPS Shutdown & Restore Events 

Optional Advanced Remote Monitoring Devices 
An optional EMD-HT remote temperature and humidity measurment interface module may be connected to the USHA card using the spare RS-232 RJ45 connector. The interface module supports connecting up to two additional sensors. The sensor options consists of magnetic switch contacts, smoke, water or vibration detectors.USHA SNMP/HTTP Agent Specification
Model Designation USHA SNMP/HTTP Agent

UPS Monitoring Functions

UPS Status On-line Mode, Bypass Mode or Alarm Mode
UPS Model Falcon UPS Model Designation
UPS Firmware Revision Revision
UPS Manufacturer Falcon
Current Utility Line Voltage AC Volts
Minimum Utility Line Voltage, Last 1 Minute AC Volts
Maximum Utility Line Voltage, Last 1 Minute AC Volts
Current Utility Frequency Hz
UPS Output Voltage AC Volts
UPS Output Frequency Hz
UPS Output Load % of UPS Rated Output
UPS Output VA VA
Battery Capacity Remaining % of Battery Capacity Remaining
Current UPS Battery Voltage DC Volts
UPS Internal Temperature Degrees (F or C)
Next Scheduled UPS Off Time dd/mm/yyyy
Next Scheduled UPS On Time dd/mm/yyyy
UPS Input Voltage Rating AC Volts
UPS Output Voltage Rating AC Volts
UPS Battery Status OK or Failed
Time Since UPS was on Battery Power Seconds
Battery Capacity Remaining %
Current Battery Voltage Per Cell DC Volts
Battery Last Replaced Date dd/mm/yyyy
UPS Output Source Normal Battery or Bypass
Last Alarm Condition Day, month, year, time and description of the alarm condition
Number of Connected Software Clients Integer

UPS Programmable Functions

UPS Over Temperature Set Point Set in Degrees (F or C)
UPS Overload Set Point Set in % of Output Capacity
Last Battery Replace Date Set dd/mm/yyyy
UPS Shutdown Delay Set in Seconds
UPS Sleep Time Set in Minutes
Battery Test Command None, Quick Test, Test Until Low Battery, Timed Test, Cancel Test, Clear Test
Battery Test Time Minutes
Scheduled UPS Battery Test dd/mm/yyyy and Time
UPS Shutdown Event Triggers AC Fail, Low Battery, Overload, Over Battery, Scheduled
UPS Shutdown Event Trigger Action Warning Only, UPS Shutdown, Client Shutdown
Weekly Schedule Setup Shutdown and Restart Days and Times
Special Day Schedule Setup Shutdown and Restart Days and Times

USHA Monitoring and Programmable Functions

USHA System Date dd/mm/yyyy System Name User Text
USHA System Time hh:mm:ss System Contact User Text
IP Address IPv4 or IPv6 formats System Location User Text
Gateway Address IPv4 or IPv6 formats USHA Polling Rate Seconds
Subnet Mast IPv4 or IPv6 formats USHA Baud Rate 2400 bps
IP Auto Configure IPv6 Default Language English or Chinese
Link-Local Address IPv6 Default Temperature Unit °F or °C
Global Address IPv6 BOOTP/DHCP Enable or Disable
Prefix Length IPv6 Ping Echo Enable or Disable
Router Address IPv6 Network Upgrad (UDP 69) Enable or Disable
Telnet Connection Enable, Disable and TCP Port SNMP Support Enable, Disable and UDP Port
HTTP Support Enable, Disable and TCP Port SNMP Version SNMPv1 or SNMPv3
SNMP Trap Receivers NMS IP Address, User Name, Trap Type, Severity and Description SNMP/HTTP Access Control NMS IP Address, Community and Access Type
Home Page Refresh Rate Battery, Input, Output, Alarm & Client Groups Wake On LAN Targets MAC Address, Repeat and interval Times
Email Notification Server, Account, Password, DNS & Time UPnP Support Enable or Disable
External Link Setup Link Address, Text and Enable or Disable Address Status IPv6

USHA Agent Card Technical Specifications

CPU 16-bits AC1106 Fast Ethernet RISC Processor Phoenix Kernel
Memory 2MB (1Mbit X 20) TFBGA Flash Rom
2MB (1Mbit X 20) SDRAM
Serial Communications Two UART Channels, One RJ-45, one Gold Finger
LAN Controller 10/100 Mbit Ethernet Controller
Network Connection 10/100 TXRJ-45 Jack Connector
RTC Internal Real Time Clock
UPS Protocol Megatec
Network Protocols SNMP Over UDP/IP, HTTP over TCP/IP, ARP, TFTP, SSH, SSL, NTP, ICMP
Supported MIB UPS MIB (RFC1628), USHA MIB
Operating Temperature 10°C to 40°C
Operating Humidity 20-90% Non-condensing
Size (H x W x D) 0.6" x 2.36" x 2.59" (15.2mm x 60mm x 65.8mm)
Weight 1.41 ounces (40gms)
Regulatory Compliance FCC Class B, CE Class B

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