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Welcome everyone to the launch of our new company blog. We’re going to use this space to share tips and stories related to power quality issues & solutions. First let's share a little background on the company.

It was formed in 1994 specifically to represent and sell a series mode surge suppressor that had been developed for mission critical applications. This product line was christened with the name Brick Wall, because nothing gets through a brick wall.

These products were a leap ahead in technology when it came to taking care of transient voltage surges. Instead of burning up after 3 or 4 big surges like many MOV based surge protectors, the Brick Walls took a pounding in some of the worst surge environments in the country. 

For the first few years the demo target was the industrial market looking to utilize these surge protector/line filters in manufacturing environments to protect sensitive electronics. This market pursuit led to the Brick Wall being used in unbelievably harsh conditions such as protecting data acquisition systems on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, being used electronic signs for highways or being used on data centers for banks in the lightning belt of Florida. Brick Walls sold fairly well in this market aiding in productivity of our clients by reducing their down time.

And then in the last 90’s, as a push was made to connect with the IT/Server market, Brick Wall products were discovered by audiophiles. This happened just as the home theater market was about to explode. Quite rapidly, these audio & home theater customers came to dominate our customer demographics though mission critical applications are becoming more and more common. 

Today you can find Brick Walls protecting just about anything and everything electronic in the home, office & factory floor. While the basic technological premise has remained constant, we have worked on little things to improve the Brick Wall over the years. It continues to be the finest surge protector in the world. 

Written by John Gennaro — August 21, 2012

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