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Surge Protectors for Home Theaters and Audio Specific Equipment

Protecting your audio and video sources - the good, the bad, and the ugly

So you finally broke down, went to the electronics store and dropped a sizable chunk of change on a beautiful High Definition TV (HDTV), 4k Ultra High Definition TV (UHDTV), or surround sound system…

Maybe you're an old hand at the home theater game and just made a substantial upgrade to a digital projector, perhaps a 4k 3D LED TV, or you're from the unique breed of Audiophile out there.

Either way, your next question after basking in the glow of the marvelous picture and brilliant sound of your new equipment should be “How do I keep this protected and in good working order for the next 10 years or more?”. The answer to that question is a Brick Wall surge protector and line filter.

While other surge protectors have useless features like a glowing volt meter on the front, our product line is straight forward (even utilitarian). Each unit has a simple job, which is to protect electronic equipment from surges and to clean up RFI/EMI interference. On both counts it does an outstanding job, and after significant testing we can proudly state that Brick Wall surge protectors do not fail.