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  • No sacrificial or wear components (no MOV's) 
  • No surge protector failures - period 
  • Exceptional powerline filtering 
  • No surge diversion to ground 
  • Lowest let-through voltage 
  • Lowest clamping level 
  • Fastest response time 

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  • Audio / Home Theater

    Ultra High Definition (4k UHDTV / HDTV) & LED TVs; High End Receivers, Amplifiers, and Subs

  • Industrial / Lab

    Heavy Duty Industrial Protectors; OEM, Hardwired, Equipment Mounted, or Circuit Panel Supplied

  • Computer / Server

    Computers, Servers & Technology; Rackmount and Stand Alone Models, for Direct or UPS Protection

Series Mode Surge Protectors

Brick Wall transient voltage surge suppressor (tvss) products offer performance, reliability and safety advantages that are unparalleled by other tvss products. This website explains how we do it, how the competition does it, and the differences between basic philosophies and the technologies involved. So we advise that you ask us questions and ask them questions (how about: "Do you use MOV's? Aren't they a limited life component?" for starters). If you do the research you will buy the better surge protector.

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