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How Our Surge Protectors Work


"Most surge protector manufacturers make grand claims about their products but publish little of the technology involved."

We claim that our Brick Wall surge protectors offer performance, reliability and safety advantages that cannot be matched by other surge protectors. The following represent the basic engineering principles.



Our engineering staff is always available to answer any technical questions you may have. Computer simulations and custom configurations can be provided.


Series Mode Surge Protectors Are Born

Nearly two decades ago, an engineer needed a surge protector to insulate mission critical pharmaceutical data acquisition systems from powerline voltage transients and noise. He was stunned to find that almost all surge protectors that were commercially available diverted surge current equally to the ground and neutral wires and were based on sacrificial components (MOV's). He knew that surge protectors dumping current to the ground in these interconnected environments was going to place unwanted current on his data lines. This was an unacceptable form of surge protector. As to the use of sacrificial, limited life components that had unpredictable life and were virtually impossible to monitor...well, that didn't seem to fit with a mission critical protocol either.

Since he couldn't buy the surge protectors he was looking for he created them (our man wasn't easily intimidated). The solution was surge protector technology now referred to as Series Mode. No surge diversion to ground, no sacrificial components (i.e. NO FAILURES) and exceptional powerline filtering. He also threw in the fastest surge protector response time, lowest clamping level and lowest let through voltage for good measure. Then he patented his work.

The resulting line of powerline filters/surge protectors represent the next generation in surge protector technology. By every basis currently used in measuring surge protectors Brick Wall Surge Protectors set a new standard. This site will review the differences and advantages to Series Mode technology.