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Brick Wall Surge Protectors are Exceptional Power Conditioners


System Noise

Electronic noise is undesirable low level high frequency signals found on the powerlines and/or datalines. It is often the cause of scrambled data, slow data transfer, mis-operations and lock-ups. Its long term cumulative effect can eventually cause hardware failure. Our surge protectors use Series Mode power filter technology. Brick Wall Surge Protectors are exceptional line filters and power conditioners.


As a Power Conditioner

In a Brick Wall Surge Protector, powerline noise first encounters a series inductor (choke). The inductor will act as an open circuit to higher frequencies and a short circuit to lower frequencies. The higher frequencies that do leak through then encounter a series of dynamically inserted capacitors. Here the opposite takes place. The capacitors act as short circuits to higher frequencies and as open circuits to lower frequencies. The capacitors will return the noise and any surge current slowly (harmlessly) to the neutral. The dual filtering aspect of a Brick Wall Surge Protector makes for superb powerline filtering characteristics, even in non-surge applications.


Full-time Powerline Filtering (Figure 1)

Being a passive component, the series inductor in our surge protector is always operational. Also a 2µf capacitor is always active. Attenuation: 3db @ 5kHz, 26db @ 100kHz, 38db @ 300 kHz.


As a Line Filter Under a Surge Condition (Figure 2)

In a powerline surge situation up to three additional dynamically inserted 180µf electrolytic capacitors come on line. Brick Wall surge protectors will interpret any two volt rise above the peak of the sinewave, regardless of powerline voltage, as a surge condition. A small powerline voltage fluctuation will activate this capacitor arrangement. Attenuation: 8db @ 100Hz, 28db @ 1kHZ, 46db @ 10kHz, >70db @ 100kHz (50 ohm).