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20 Amp, Two-Outlet Surge Protector

These models utilize 20 amp plugs and requires 20 amp outlets to function

The 2R series represents the latest evolution of the Brick Wall Surge Filter packaged in an economical two receptacle form. Refinements include better shielding, silent operation, a right angle plug and improved appearance.

This product was initially designed to enhance the protection of any file server by being placed in series between the wall plug and the UPS (UPS’s have limited surge suppression/ filtering abilities). The lack of outlets minimize the chances of accidentally overloading the unit.

The same lack of receptacles makes this 20A unit an excellent choice for the audiophile, as the  "cross talk" between digital and analog components becomes a non-issue in a one receptacle configuration. These units are an excellent choice of protection for your complete home theater or audio system.

And of course as a surge suppressor/line filter, both in its endurance and performance capabilities, a Brick Wall Surge Filter still sets the world’s standard. There is no better powerline protection product available today.

This unit is designed to work with 20 amp applications. A 20 amp line and outlet is required for this unit to be used.

  • Made in the USA
  • 8' grounded 3-wire #12 SJT line cord.
  • Two 20 amp grounded outlets.
  • Magnetic shielding steel cabinet: Black.
  • Self-test circuit with visual indicator.
  • Mounting brackets available (click drop-down).


Outlets Available 2 - 20 amp (unswitched)
Load Ratings 20A at 120 volts, single phase, 50-60 Hz; full load regulation 1%.
Endurance Test 1,000 surges of 6,000 volts, 3,000 amperes, SRV <400 volts, no failures, L-N (ground wire protection) mode, U.S. Gov't. Mode 1.
Limiters Series surge reactor current limiter; cascaded, auto-tracking dual polarity voltage limiters; dual pulse inverters. Parameters optimized for switch-mode power supply protection.
Clamping Voltage Onset 172 volts nominal; 2 volts above peak line voltage (auto-tracking).
EMI/RFI Filter Response (bi-directional, wave tracking): With 50 ohm Rg load: 3db at 5kHz; 26dB at 100kHz; 38dB at 300kHz.
Let-Through Slew Rate 5,000 volt/microsecond disturbance reduced to 28v/microsecond within AC power wave envelope, and less than 10v/microsecond outside the power wave envelope.
Maximum Applied Surge Pulse Joule Rating Unlimited rating (due to surge current limiting) (8x20microsecond).
Maximum Applied Surge Pulse Voltage 6,000 volts (1.2 x 50 microseconds) (Industry Standard rating).
Maximum Applied Surge Pulse Current >100,000 amperes (unlimited due to current limiting) (8 x 20 microseconds).
Endurance, C62.41-1991 (formerly IEEE 587) Category B3 (C1) pulses 2kv>100,000; 4kv>10,000; 6kv>1,000 (NRTL verified).
Dimensions 3" H x 8.5" W x 4" D
Weight 7 lbs.