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Starting earlier this year and heating up during the summer, Price Wheeler began looking for new power quality products to offer alongside our top notch surge protectors. The UPS (or uninterruptible power supply) seemed like a logical choice early on but what kind best fit into our plans? And we're not just speaking about manufacturer in that question. 

That is because UPS's breakdown into 3 basic types; Offline, Line Interactive & Online

And OffLine UPS provides some basic surge protection and line filtering (usually similar to those found in power strips) as well as a simple battery backup for power outages (some for brownout conditions). While offline UPS's have the advantage of being less expensive, most also do not produce a pure sinewave for the output. While many electronic will run normally square waves and quasi-sinewaves, they can be damaging over time. 

A Line Interactive UPS is the next step up as a power quality solution. While they offer the same surge protection and battery backup as an offline UPS, in addition they provide rudimentary voltage regulation through use of a transformer. 

The top grade of UPS is known as an Online UPS. And Online UPS is sometimes referred to as a double conversion UPS. That is because they make use of a converter that turns AC power into DC and then back again. During this process in conjunction with capacitors surges, powerline noise & harmonic distortion are eliminated. This creates a clean, stable output power with a pure sine wave. 

So after speaking to quite a few manufacturers and some of our larger customers, we decided that the OnLine UPS was the best fit for us. While it would have been nice from a marketing standpoint (and potentially more profitable) to pair our top of the line surge protection with an offline or interactive UPS, we ultimately decided that a single solution was preferable. 

Next was finding a manufacturer to work with. We had some excellent conversations with some of the largest manufacturers of UPS's. The staff proved knowledgeable and helpful but we had the nagging feeling that we were one of a thousand suitors. So we decided to look for a smaller manufacturer that enjoyed a stellar reputation. And that is when we found the good people at Falcon Electric. 

Falcon Electric has built its rep as one of the best makers of mission critical UPS's for some of harshest environments. They have done quite well with defense applications and industrial applications for petroleum & natural gas. They were kind enough to take the time to educate us further about UPS's, their myriad of applications and the potential relationship between our two companies. 

We were sold and we are proud to announce that we will be selling several of Falcon's most popular units. Check them out here

Oh and as a bonus Falcon is allowing us to sell their excellent voltage regulators as well. See them here

Written by Ryan Cox — September 20, 2012

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