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We're going to clear things up in one quick QA session...



Q: Does the Brickwall surge protector and line conditioner hinder or limit in any way, that perfectly crisp and clean well defined high fidelity audio output I demand from my high end sound system and amplifier?

A: Absolutely not! One of the specific requirements in our design was that the Brickwall had to deliver superior power performance to any and all audio devices available (including the most demanding audio amplifiers) without accepting anything less than perfect signal output quality. Rest assured, the Brickwall will neither let your perfectly tuned eardrums down nor limit the performance of your amplifier in the slightest bit!




To put your mind fully at ease -- we guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied with audio quality and performance or we will give you a 100% refund on the Brickwall.*




There are many more reasons you should choose the Brickwall for your audio demands, power conditioning, and unquestionable surge protection. Check out all of our documentation and visual diagrams in the provided menus on this page.


*There's a standard 30 day return policy on our audio specific devices from the day your Brickwall is delivered to you, but since we get none we'll give you some extra time to play without worry.